Len in Michigan
Have a 5 in. well--plastic--that is 216 ft. deep. Pump is down 190 ft. Myers 1 HP hooked up with 220.
This was for a rental mobile and the pressure tank was buried 6 ft. deep near the well casing.

I removed the buried pressure tank and put a pressure TANK above ground and built a DOG HOUSE to keep from freezing.

The original pressure tank had a long tube going down from the switch to the pressure tank. On the new pressure tank I have the switch just in front of the pressure tank above ground.

Here is the problem-----The switches old and new are 20-40--the pressure tank is a Well-X-Troll 202 and the tank has 18 lbs. of air.

I can draw a fair amount of water before the pump starts--not water logged---BUT when the pump starts it will come on and off about 3 times before getting up to cut off pressure. From 20 to 40 the pump will start and stop 3 times before getting to 40. IT SHOULD START AT 20 AND RUN UNTIL 40 NON-STOP.
What is the problem??????????

Thanks len in michigan