I have a 110 ft drilled well, a gould pump, a square d pressure switch with manual lever on the side, and a well-x-trol bladder tank. The tank and switch were replaced on Jan 12, 2006 because of switch failure and age (13 years). I have the cut in at 30 and out at 50. Now after 4 months the same symptoms are happening on a daily basis. When no water or very limited water is used (Toilet) in the night, The pressure switch does not pick at 30 psi. I manually ingage the pump and regain the pressure and it works fine for about 20 to 30 hours and then fails again after a long period of limited use, mostly during the night. I have talked to the plummer who installed the tank and switch and he said that the problem may be my pump which is also 13 years old. I disagreed because a pump either works or doesnt. He said it wasnt anything that he installed because it worked great for 4 months. I have never ran of water and the air pressure in the bladder is set at 27 or 28 pounds. Any Ideas?
Thank you,Doug.