I have a Pompco piston pump in my basement which draws water from the well 500 yds up the road. Recently the pressure was dropping to zero before it would kick in. I replaced the pressure switch and the old one did have gunk in the bottom causing the problem. The new problem is that the action of the piston causes the plate at the bottom of the pressure switch to move up and down rapidly which in turn causes the contacts on the switch to chatter back and forth which aside from the obvious sparking, also causes the motor to on/off rapidly. This is mostly happening as the pressure is getting higher and the switch wants to shut off. Is there something I can add to the tube coming into the bottom of the pressure switch that will regulate the flow so that the pressure at that point is a constant and not the rapid high/low of the piston action? Do you get what I mean? the constant fast action of the piston driving forces the water into the bottom of the pressure switch at varying pressures which causes the plate to float back and forth and therefore the contacts to click back and forth. Would a small 1/4" pressure regulator work? What about a small valve (ball valve?) that I could cut back on a little which would then even out the pressure on the "out" side of that valve? Let me know if you need further clarification. Thanks for any help!