I have a flotec fp4112 shallow well jet pump mounted on a 82 gallon bladder tank at my camp where I draw water from the lake. The pump was running continuously I checked for leaks on the discharge side and found none, changed the footvalve, rebuilt the pump and even replaced the bladder tank and still have the problem. I called flotec and told them what I had done and they told me that the venturi or nozzle may be plugged up. I also changed the 30/50 pressure switch and the tank is at 28 psi, the most pressure i can get is 34 lbs and the tank only fills partially, I can run the hose and have water coming out with no problems when I shut off the hose the pressure only builds up to 34 lb. so I ordered a new venturi and nozzle for the pump so Iam hoping that may fix my problem. So I'am seeing what you think and if that could solve my problem. thanks terry38