1. 6" fresh drilled well never used yet
2. Well Depth = 250ft
3. Static Level = 40ft
4. Distance to House = 40ft
5. Pumping Rate = 3 GPM

I do plan on using a well pump protector such as a "Pumptec" That
protects the pump from running dry, ect,ect. I also would like to use
a large capacity type pressure holding tank of at least 30 actual water gal holding size
running a 30/50 or 40/60 pressure control switch.

Tell me what you think for a pump plus how much is the pump. We are low water users as It is just me and the wife. But we are interested in good water preasure.

One last question I am trying to save money by doing this myself as my well cost too
much to have drilled. Anyhow I plan on using a sanitary well seal and having a well house.
What type of pipe can I use for the down pipe? I have called the local PVC plumbers store and they have
1 or 1 1/4 inch schedule 80 PVC pipe that I have read should be used? but it is only straight cutoff ends type pipe.
Is it ok to just use this type of pipe? Is it ok to use glue on straight joint couplers or should I use glue on PVC screw on couplers, or just what should I use for a down pipe.