We have a 6" cased artesian well 240 feet deep, water level at 79 feet, well can produce over 600gpm, and we get 42gpm at zero head from a 1 horse Gould 230v pump placed at 110 feet. No drawdown.

We fill a 3000 gallon plastic water tank. It takes about 70 minutes to fill when not quite empty..
We are off grid and everything we use the water for is downhill from the well and tank. Thus we fill the tank by starting up a 6hp diesel generator, then we use the water right now just by gravity.

I would like to irrigate using most of that 42 gpm, but need to add pressure, since the drop to the acres to be irrigated will only cancel out pipe friction.
I also would like to use the same generator for a booster pump for pressure since it would be powering the well pump anyway.
It has two 24" flywheels, so I would like to hook up a centrifugal pump that is powered by belt/pulley hook up.

So far the only ones I have found are in Northern Tool catalogue, called Northstar freshwater pumps. One pumps to 7920 gpm, too much, the other pumps to 1920gpm, too little. Also I cannot take off the pulleys and replace them to adjust speed. They are here: http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/w...70&Ntk=P_Brand

Do you know of any similar belt driven centrifugal pumps that would boost my pressure to around 50psi and pump about 40gpm?

Thanks much!