We have a submersible well pump & Welltrol tank about 3 yrs old. Our water lost pressure & forum suggestions were that the intake was probably clogged up. While the well was turned off, he checked the tank pressure, it was 28psi which is correct for 30/50 psi. My husband pulled the pump up & sure enough the screen? foot? was clogged. He cleaned it, turned well back on, opened the faucet lines to let out air and every thing seemed great. Strong water pressure came right back. The water system was fixed!

Then we noticed....

When you take a shower or use the water about 5 min, it runs out of water. Down to a drip, drip, then no water. If you turn off faucet & wait 30-45 sec and turn it back on, full water pressure is back. He also noticed that the tank is not filling up with water. Water goes straight to the plumbing. The tank is very, very light if you rock it gently.

What is wrong? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.