I am planning to uncap a 3 pipe 20ft shallow well in my back yard and am planning to use a 3/4 or 1hp jet pump purely to irrigate my 1 acre yard but am confused by what is on offer out there! What is the difference between a Lawn Sprinkler Pump and a Shallow Well Jet Pump? I am comparing the Water Ace Myers RTS7 (3/4hp jet pump) and their R10L (1hp lawn sprinkler pump) available at Lowes. The lawn sprinkler pump seems to pump at a higher gpm rate (34 gpm @ 25 psi) while the jet pump delivers a lower rate (12 gpm @ 20-40 psi).

The 3/4 Jet pump is out of stock at Lowes and they tell me that they cannot order it for me! I find this rather strange! Should I be looking elsewehere? The Craftsman 3/4 hp jet pump is also out of stock at Sears! Is there a good supplier out there?

I look forward to hearing your views and getting your advice!


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