Hey There,

I'm posting this under this thread simply because Wally and I have some similarities in our well situation.. I recently bought our house (1933 FLorida cottage) and found a capped well in the backyard. It is 2" galvanized Iron and from the look of the cap and exposed pipe, is in very good shape, though I dont think its been used in years.. I measured the well and it is ~70' deep and Water starts at 25' down. I used a 1/2" copper elbow tied to a string to measure, and havent tried your method to try and determine if ther is a screen at the bottom. I did snag some sediment, but I guess thats inconclusive []. My goal is to turn this into an irrigation well for a small sprinkler system. First I realize that there is a chance the pipe is in bad shape further down from the ph of surrounding groundwater, as you mentioned to Wally, so that makes the whole exercise risky. So I have a couple questions..

#1: Do you think it would be cost effective to use this in an irrigation system versus tapping into the city water for my irrigation needs? I would be starting from scratch, as far as pump and all equipment is concerned. (I will say Im pretty determined to use that well )

#2: If I were to use this well, based on my resaerch, it seems I will definately need a packer jet pump. So based on that assumption, How far down should I go into the well? I dont know the replenishment rate of the well, so whats a safe depth? The deeper I go, the less pressure I will get correct?

Well, theres my questions.. hope to hear from you soon!