I am hoping for advise as to the best pump for my well.
The well is a 6" to 620' and is intended for irrigation.
Per my well report, I'm getting 1-2 gpm at 60' and 5gpm at 90'.
I have a 5,000 gal surface tank (top of tank 8' above well) that I'd like to keep full, and I use 3,000-3,500 gal/day for irrigation. The tank has a cut-off switch for the pump (when full).
My current pump is a 1hp Red Jacket 8S21 at 500'. It needs replacing, and I'm thinking that the same is more pump than I need. I would assume that a 5gpm pump at a lower hp would save on electricity, as 3gpm running all day would be cheaper than 7gpm running a shorter time, right? Probably less wear with a more continuous operation as well.
Please advise.