Okay….please bear with me. I know as much about well pumps and moving water as I do flying the space shuttle!!! Here is my dilemma….I need water in my cabin? I am looking for the simplest way to do it.
I have a shallow well near my cabin (20ft away) I hit water at about 17ft when I dropped a line in it. I also have a very clean fresh water mountain stream about 40yds down a hill with probably 20+ft of gradual elevation to the cabin. I am looking for the simplest way to get water to the cabin and keep water pressure. Two options I thought about:
One: Get a shallow well jet pump/pressure tank combo. Would a 1/2hp pump with say a 10gal pressure tank, like you could buy at Sears or Tractor Supply, work for supplying water from the well to the cabin? (1 sink, 1 shower, and 1 toilet)
Two: I also considered using the water from the stream. What is the best way to move water up the hill and keep water pressure? (Holding tank?) Would a ˝ hp 12v pump move the water up the hill?
Any other suggestions?