1). Pump was operating fine with 27PSI cut-in and 45 PSI cut out. There was a leak from gasket. I had the pump overhauled reinstalled it and was getting only 20 PSI maximum and it would keep running and not shut off.

I have been told it is either a problem with the pump itself or the injectors in the well. (Pumping up 75 feet with 20-25 foot verticle lift.

2). I have now set the the cut-in at 5 PSI and cut-out at 20 PSI as a temporary fix. The only problem here is, if the upstairs water is used and the pressure goes down, the pump won't come on, However if I turn on sink in basement where the pump is located, it eventually turns on. Which I am assuming is due to gravity fed water left in pipes.

3). If I disconnect smaller fed pipe to well for injectors and pour small amount of water down the pipe, I get water back in the pump from the large pipe, thus it seems that it works by total gravity only.(pump off of course). Does this tell me my injectors are stuck open (or is that a dumb question).

4). What is the best way to check the pump itself if you don't have injector test bed.

5). If it is the injectors and not the pump, and cleaning the injectors doesn't work, is it worth buying new injectors only as the pump was working prior to overhaul and of course if the testing of pump proves positive.

Any assistance would be aprreciated.

Dave - Canada