Boy, do I need your help!
Two weeks before Christmas, our well pump died. We had a reputable company come out and they replaced the pump. Of course, they wanted us to drill a new well and godknowswhatall else.
Anyway, since that day, we have had nothing but dirt and mud coming into the house. They said things would clear up in time, but two weeks later, it was no better. I had to replace the guts to the toilet because of the muddy water. My father even installed a pressure tank for us and an inline filter system - which, by the way, we have to change every 24 hours, as it is filled with dirt, mud, silt (call it what you will). The plumbing company insists it is iron.
Today, the plumbing company returned (third time) and raised the pump about five feet.
I am close to tears every day. I have not been able to bath my babies at home in ONE MONTH! I am STILL doing our laundry and showering at my mother's house. I am still brushing my teeth with bottled water.
Please give me some advice. We're drowning in dirty water!
Thank you!