I've run into this problem before: The toilet flap doesn't close completely, leaving the water running and lowering the pressure to 0. However, in the past, fixing the toilet and then allowing the pump to run a few cycles would regain pressure. Not. This. Time.

I turned the circuit breaker off to prevent the pump from burning out. I waited a few hours, turned the breaker back on, still nothing. Turned the breaker off overnight. Back on again, still nothing. So, after some forum readings, I think the pump needs to be primed. The garden hose from a neighbor isn't going to work, so I opted to prime the pump.

Through online research, spray lubricant, a putty knife, a magnifying glass, a mirror and the ability to read backwards, I can give you the following information. (I realize pics would be easier, but my ex-husband took the cord to my digital camera and my bluetooth apparently doesn't want to cooperate to transfer pics).

I have a Myers HJ50S-1 Shallow 1/2 HP Ejecto Pump.
Above it, is an Air E-tainer Vertical Well System Tank. Model #AT66
Tank Volume is 20 gal. Max Working pressure is 100 PSI.

My question: Is the circled image above the bolt/plug I need to remove to prime it, because it's a ***** to remove. Yes, I've used spray lubricant and the arms of a 17 year old teenage boy and I've still had no luck.