HI, at my Dad's house, in a rural area in eastern WI, he has a problem with the well pump loosing it's prime. It's a 1/2hp jet pump that goes to a tank (I don't know if it's galvanized or a bladder, looks to be about 40 to 50 gal capacity) The well system works fine for awhile, then no water. I'll have to take the screws out of the top of the pump, prime it with water, then it's good to go again. It does this a few times a year. Any idea what causes this?
I was thinking a bad foot valve on the bottom of the well pump that leaks and causes the water to drain from the pipe, or maybe the tank is water logged. It has a valve on the side to connect to an air compressor. It doesn't do this regularily. Sometime it works for a few months, sometimes it needs to be primed after only a week or two.
Thank you for any help you can give me.