I have a 1/2 hs franklin pump in a 151' well that was dug/installed 7 years ago. For 7 years I've been living with 20 minutes of water pressure. Here's what happens. I turn the sprinkler on (for example) it starts out with a nice 20' spread but wihin 23 minutes (yes, I timed it) its down to less than 1' spread. Of course, there was no water anywhere in the house either. Nothing was turned on except the sprinkler. I went to check the tank and pressure gauge, altho, I have to admit I don't know what I was looking for and nothing was happening. Shouldn't the tank have been cycling or something? The tank is a well x trol and the pressure gauge was sitting at 36. I tried to find some info on the tank but couldn't see identifying labels. I've called the well company that installed the well several times and was always told by the receptionist that this is normal. In 25 years of living with wells I've never had this problem. I know its not normal. I have very silty sandy soil and have a house filter installed after the tank. My late husband always took care of this stuff so I know nothing about wells n pumps (you noticed?) except this is not normal. Any advise would be appreciated.