I woke up this morning with no water. I am pretty handy and after a process of elimination, I determined that this on was beyond my limits. I called in a pump and well specialist who determined that I probably need a new pump. He proceeded to hoist the pump at a fee of 900.00 only for the cable on the pitless adapter to snap. He then used a winch and a steel pipe with a tap on the end threaded into the pitless adapter to remove it. This time "he says" the threads in the pitless adapter were corroded and the gave way alowing the pitless adapter to fall 65 feet and stopping. He now tells me he is going to have to bring his derrick truck in so he could retreive the pitless adapter at another 900.00. But, there is a minor problem with this retrieval, He can not guarantee that the pitless adapter will be removed without a possibility of breaking through the side of the well casing or getting hung up on a seam rendering the well useless.