I'm building an off-grid home in a very remote location. Our neighbors got their water from springs feed into a tank and gravity provide the pressure. No one else in the area have a well. Our property is about 500' above the nearest spring on the property. So, we have a few options but don't really know which is better?

1. Get a tank, catch water from the spring below and pump it 500' (over 1/2 mile run) up to the house.
2. Drill a well near the house, pump water as needed but requires power to run a powerfull motor which we don't have.
3. Drill a well above the house, install a tank their. Run genrator or solar pump to fill the tank and let gravity do the job of providing pressure.

So far, we got 3 well drillers each gave us estimates of 200-300ft , 500ft and 600ft deep. We don't know who to believe. Since there's no other wells nearby, they probably don't really know. Assume the well is 600ft deep, what pump/tank do I need?

Thanks for you help.