I am wanting to install a cistern system in series with my water well.
I am wanting to come from the well, to the cistern, to the house. My tank is 2500 gal, the run to the house is about 100 feet, the rise is about six feet. This is for a small house with just two people. The reason for the cistern is to insure water during dry spells.

I thought I would come out of the well pump, to a float type valve in the cistern, out of the cistern to a jet pump with pressure control, into a bladder tank, into the t valve, then to the house. I would like to somehow put a timer on the well pump to only pump 20 minutes every two or three hours to refill the cistern. This is about the maximum flow time I have before the water quality in the well gets muddy.

Is this the proper set-up? Do I need two bladder tanks (one between well and cistern tank also)? Do I need a overflow line in the tank? What type valve coming into the cistern do I need to turn off the well pump and not let it cycle too much? What type timer do I need and where do I get it? I am going to buy everything from these people I can but some things I need they don't sell.