Hello. I need help figuring out the best way to extract water from my well. It is 23 feet from ground level to top surface of water, well is 2 feet in diameter (conctrete pipe), and has about 10 feet of standing h20 from top to bottom. Yesterday I attempted to use a 3/8hp/120v Simons submersible pump with a garden hose (3/8") as the carrier. The hose had no leaks and I used teflon on the connections. I could feel the hose filling up, but the pump (rated for vertical lift of 25') just didn't bring it all the way up to the surface. My guess is that my pump is just too weak or that the hose is too small in diameter. Any ideas? I am only using this to fill a 200 gallon lawn sprayer tank about 3-4 times a week. I am in virginia - about 30 feet above sea level. Thanks for any help.