here is everything I know about my well first,
100' deep
2" casiing (presummed galvanized)
pump looks to be the original 1 HP GE MYERS
40 gal water tank (approximate)
pump sits to the side of the well head not ontop and well head is buried
Other than this I do not know anything further.
My question is about replacing the pump. I called for estimates regarding replacing the pump because I have had some issues of the contacts on the switch not working with out some help and the motor making a high pitched noise, which I'll assume is the bearings.

Now one well pump co. just told me how much it would be to replace the pump and didn't mention anything else. The second co. I spoke to had alot more to say about replacing a pump that I hadn't even thought about. He told me the following, you could replace the pump with say a Gualds, but it may not be compatible with the foot valve and other components in the well itself, mixing different brands could cause loss of pressure etc. He reccommened not messing with the well itself because of its age and said just replacing the parts on the current pump would be suitable for my situation.
So would you have to replace all the other parts (foot valve and whatever else) when changing a pump? Just making sure I am making an informed decision and would like your advice regarding my stituation. Thanks