Hello and I can't say how awesome it has been to find this forum. I have a shallow well system feeding water to my house. It is a Goulds Jet Plus pump, that feeds water into a 55 gallon Water Ace pressure tank. This was an existing well set up when we bought our house.

Here is a pic of my system:

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A few days ago we had a problem with our pressure-no water. The source of the leak was a union with a s l o w leak. I tightened it along with replacing a 36 gallon tank with a 56 gallon tank. The new tank was pressurized to 38 psi. The problem I'm now having is extremely low pressure, regardless of me increasing the cut in/cut out pressure on the D-Spring switch:

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I added a pressure guage to the top of the tee and it reads a constant 25 psi, like I said, regardless of me screwing in the cut in cut spring, and the pressure in the house remains constantly low:

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I want/need more pressure! I have one of two theories as to why my pressure is low:

First, I could need a new pressure switch as mine is not increasing or decreasing the pressure in the system when I turn the threaded nut. I tried adding air in the tank's bladder to see if this would bring the pressure up, but nothing changed.

Second, my footvalve could need replaced as I am now getting lots of rusty junk in my filter (the pic below is a new filter only 2 days old):

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Any help or thought on how I can tackle my pressure problem would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike