I recently replaced the cut off/on switch for my well. I noticed that my switch is wired direct. No boxes or anything like i've seen on other systems. Wire from the breaker box to the switch, then from the switch to the pump. Is this ok? Last spring my pump was pulled by a well guy and he replaced, at every joint in the pipe, a fitting with a rubber stopper on it. He replaced it with a hard fitting. A coupler so to speak. The reason for this was the rubber was shot and air was getting in the system. Bad. Now there is no more air. At this time i noticed the pump was a 1/2 horse, and had a date of 1992 on it. Now, 7 months later, my problem is it takes forever for the tank to fill up to pressure. 55 pounds. It takes at least an hour, and sometimes it will drain to 0 pressure, fill to 20 pounds and hold there for a while then jump to 30 pounds, hold and after 20 mminutes or so start to jump again. The whole time, i can feel the pipe coming into the house vibrate, so i know the pump is working.But why is it taking so long for the tank to fill? I came home from work today and had no pressure at all, my toilet was running. I jiggled the handle and went downstairs and watched the pressure guage. It took 1 hour for it to reach 55 pounds and the pump to shut off. Is my pump shot?

Curtis Goetzke