Tried to call you on Friday.

Had a 1.5 F/W pump go out. I guess I was a week too late getting up to the farm. My pump was about half covered in sand and gravel when I got there because th old man did not get around to adding the extra pipe.

Well learned how to take one apart and find that you can not find the guts to the system. Anyway the pump had burned out too and several of the impellers were broken.

Guess I have a big enough pump. I replaced what I had and it was 1.5 horse at 27 gpm.

Question: I went on and moved the tank, Well-X-Trol wx350, and now I hear a slight gurgle while I was in wiring the tank house. I also replaced the 40 -60 pressure switch as the old one looked bad.

What is causing the gurgle?