I am new to the well world. recently purchased a property that has 2 wells on it. The one this post is about is a 20 foot well.
This pump house feeds only the 3 outside outside water spickets for the property. We had some cold weather 4 weeks ago. Pump house froze but didnt find out about it until about 4 weeks later when the water spickets did not work.
Upon inspecting the pump house I found a elbow cracked and the piece blown off(chunk of the elbow) The tank guage shows 80lbs
and the pummp was running.
I would have to assume the pump had been running for about 4 weeks straight.
felt the pump didnt feel hot. turned it off and upon closer inspection the impeller housing is cracked on the 2 lower bolting flanges.
The pump is a Goulds plus J10S. my questions are
So upon taking the pump apart I cant figure out how to get the impeller off? I know they say do not run the pump dry and this one has gone for weeks I supposed So a rebuild kit is in order?
Is there anything on the electric motor I should be concerned with having ran for so long?
Pressure switch says cut out pressure is 50psi so why is the tank pressure at 80 psi?
Anything else I should check over before trying to start this up again?
Thank you for any help I hope I have provided enough information.
I will definatly make sure it stays insulated and warm in there next time.