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    Want to use existing well

    Hi..I don't know anything about wells, but I have one and the water is cold and only 18 feet from the surface. I would like to use this water to top off my pool, and to irrigate my one-acre property. There is a 3/4 inch pipe going down through the top soil to the open well beneath. Can I just use some kind of pump to suck up the water and put it through three or more sprinklers on the property? Do I need a holding tank? What size pump? Should I use a submersed pump? If so, what do I use to insert it into the well? I'd really appreciate some help here. Thanks in advance. Dave Combs, Pollock Pines, CA


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    Hi Dave,

    First of all you will need to know what diameter the well is. This will require some digging. 3/4" pipe is not used for suction. A suction pipe is usually 1-1/4" or bigger. You may be looking at a discharge line.

    You said: "There is a 3/4 inch pipe going down through the top soil to the open well beneath."
    Does this mean you can see the well? If so, measure the inside diameter of it. Unless it's a dug well and it's about 3' in diameter. It would be helpful if you can measure the depth to the bottom of the well also.


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