Saturday - Shock Chlorination of well for sulfur
Sunday - Drained all lines, black and gritty water and ran clear
Water ran for about 4 hours
Monday night I tried to run the backwash on the iron filter and this is when the water pressure dropped severly
8 hours later have good water pressure
Is the well recovering?
I am running on the assumption that since I have water the pump is working. Was quoted about 1500 -2000 usd to pull and replace?
I have no idea how far the pump may be located down.

Pressure tank gauge is stuck at 32 will not move up or down.
I can hear the pressure switch kick on but not sure if tank is filling with water due to faulty gauge.

I have a 395 foot weel with 157 feet of 5 inch casing.
Static water level is 280 with 40 foot of drawdown.

Did I run to much water and the well needs to fill?
Did the black grit (sulfur?) clog some lines making the low limit pressure switch ineffective or read faulty.
Am I dropping all the water down the well (check valve open)?

What can be used to flush black grit (sulfur?) out of our lines?

I would like someone to come out but I want to be somewhat educated and have some insight on what they might think.