I recently bought a house when I was home on midtour leave from the gulf. I could not get a diffenitive anwser on how deep the well is. My wife has moved in and says the pump runs a lot and when it kicks on the lights in the house flicker and the water pressure doesnt seem stable. I have looked at the well pump setup in a video I took when we did the home inspection, which is all I can do since I am back in the Gulf. The pump looks like an old jet pump which would go with the fact that they (thought the well was 125 feet deep. I am not absoulutely sure from the pic. It also appears to have two tanks. The house had not been lived in for a couple of years and was the original owners from back when it was built in the early 70's. I have no problem replacing all of it and if I have to replace any of it that is exactly what I will do. My question is can anyone verify that it is a Jet pump from my crappy pics? And does anyone have any advice for me with the situation I just described. I should be home in two months, hopefully it last till then. I would like to do the job myself if possible. Is it possible for a do it yourselfer to install a submersible pump? I really like your site and have learned a few things already from just reading the forums. Paul