My Sta-rite jet pump stopped working afetr a couple of weeks of what sounding like a bad bearing to me. I replaced the pump with the same exact pump 3/4 sta-rite model sld. I also changed out most of the old galvanized piping. Out of the top I came out with 1" galvanized nipple to galvenized T. Top of the T is for filler, side of the T goes to 3/4 PVC. Pvc T's one side to my bladder one side to my water filtration system. I prime her up and fire up. All systems go. My issue is the time it takes to get up to pressure. It took forever!! I mean an hour or so. The pump or elec motor was not getting hot so I let it do it's thing. I took a quick shower which the pressure did decrease during, and it took so long for it to come up to pressure I turned the breaker off. I am not sure what to go at next. My well is a buried well in which I do not know exactly where it is. There was quite a bit of sediment in the old lines so I am concerned that some sediment have have clogged the Venturi and screen. I am thinking about trying to blow out the system with air. How would I go about blowing out the lines to maybe clear this until spring when I could actually find and fix for real?