Well, you guys didn't have a forum specifically for well guys so I put this here.

I have been out of the well business for a few years now but I still hold my license. I was thinking about getting back in and buying a pump hoist. Just curious as to which you preferred. We always ran a Smeal 5T on a 1-Ton or greater Ford 4x4. Now I see a lot of Pulstars and know there are several more makes out there (Simco, Reichdrill, etc).

Have you ever ran a Smeal on a Duramax/Allison? What about Dodge? Also I noticed Smeal gets a premium for their utility bodies. The pump hoist on a 5T costs $15K + 2K to install, the utility body costs $8K.

Just some quick background. Located here in SE Texas near Houston. A lot of 2" jet wells and 4" subs. Most jets set about 80-120' down, most subs set 100-160' down. We used to set all our subs on galvanized pipe but that has changed to sch 80 pvc here recently. I hate the poly pipe.

Our wells here are either in the open or in (mostly dilapidated) wellhouses. You need height to get over the roof.