Im new here with a desperate question. Glad to see there is a forums specifically for this matter.
I have a submersible pump , thant I am tryign to pull and replace. I estimate the depth to be somehwere between 100 and 200 foot deep. I used the tool ont he pitless adapter and got it to come out nice and free for about 6 or so feet then
bang dead stop.I couldnt even drop it back down. We yanked many time upward and then also downward but no luck
it is really stuck or as it feels it is. A friend is lending me a tripod and he says to yank harder it will break free. Tommorrow will tell. I hate to pull that hard, but..I was wondering if anyone has had this trouble.>????
Perhaps ther just isnt enough force from the hand pulling for it to free. I suspect the legnth of it it seems like Im really pulling but way down the bottom it probably doesnt transfere much pressure ?
any replys are greatly appreciated...THANKS