I currently have a fairly old sears pump on my well. The well is 3 x 3 square with maybe 25-35 feet. I just bought the house 1 year ago. I had a well company out to get it working and they cleaned out dirt out of pipe to the pressure guage and then it worked fine for a bit. The well only powers the back yard sprinklers, which saves me about 200/month on my water bill in the summer.

first question:
Currently it won't fully pressurize and so the pump just keeps running and the PSI never gets above 45. So any feedback on that would be great.

second question:
I was thinking of moving to a submerged pump such that the noise wouldn't be as loud as well as the hope that a new pump would have less trouble for me than the existing old one. Which submerged pumps are recommended? should I attempt the install myself? how does filtering work on a submerged pump? are they quiet?

thanks in advance for any feedback!