Hi guys,
several questions/issues. heres the info: well is arounf 15-20ft deep, i have a 3/4 sears shallow pump. the pump is about 90ft from my pressure tank in my laundry room where the bladder tank sits. i have had a ton of issues with freezing p/s lines etc over the years and now the pump is sucking air from either a) the pump is smoked from years of abuse or b) a bad line going into the well. heres my first issue. where the pump sits now it is about 3ft below grounf level in a dug out "pump house" and it sits maybe 10ft from the well casing. the plastic water line going to the well is ran through a 2 or 2 1/2 inch steel line from the pump house to the well casing. now i want to replace that line and check valve. what do i do...unhook the plastic line from the pump and just try to pull it threw that 2 1/2 metal line? and then when i replace it...do i just jam it back threw roughly the same distance? Next question is I plan on moving the pump into the laundry room next to the pressure tank. Im probably going to buy another sears 3/4 pump when i do this. will that pump "pull" the water 20ft up and 100 distance without issues? i have heard that its easier to push the water rather than pull it. or should i just go with a 1 hp sears pump. the 3/4 is much cheaper and the one i have now was really bulletproof. thanks guys