My handyman/contractor hit my aboveground well piping with his truck today. [:-(] After dislodging his bumper, we discovered the steel casing was off vertical by a few degrees, the pvc elbow that takes the water to the house and softener system was broken, and there was a leak right where the well pipe meets the steel casing. We called the well company who installed the well system on my house ten years ago. For a $95 service fee they agreed to send someone to look at it. He arrived, patched the broken pvc piping that leads to the house and told me that was just a band-aid until Monday. He says the galvanized metal well pipe is probably cracked which is why it was leaking. He estimated $450 to send two guys out on Monday to uncap the well, pull out the pipe and inspect it. If the pipe is cracked or has pinholes it will add $75 to replace it and there will prob, be an additional $25 in misc, fees. And there will be an additional $95.00 service fee on Monday. Also, since my well is 10 years old, he thinks this is a good time to replace the pump and motor with a new 1 or 1 1/2 hp Franklin and that will run around 1500 more. He warned me that if the pump is going bad there is a possibility it can stick in the well somehow or clog the well in which case I would be looking at $4K to drill a new well. After the pvc glue had dried he turned on the water and the leak where the galvanized pipe meets the cap started squirting out again. But after a minute or two the leak stopped completely. He said the water pressure had just fixed it temporarily and that if it was turned off again it would leak. My handyman was watching all of this with interest and politely asked many questions of the well guy. Especially he asked why we should get a new pump when the old one was not a problem yet and why the cost of removing a pipe would cost $450.00 plus another $95 service fee plus misc. $25.00. The well guy promised his boss would call later today with their best price. After he left, we turned off the pump motor and there was no leaking. Turned it back on again, no leaking. Now we are wondering if the pipe is really cracked, if we should spend more $ to fix what might have just fixed itself. The handyman is very ethical, has done lots of great quality work on our home, and told us he would take care of the repair because he's the one who hit it with his truck, but I felt so terrible for the damage to his truck which looks to be significant, that I told him we would get it repaired if need be. He thinks the repair estimate is high and times are tough so the well guy is trying to sell something we don't necessarily need yet. Then the well guy calls back and says his boss will make us a deal and install the new pump for 1550, including a new drop pipe and he will not charge for the $95 fee for the second service call. Sorry this is so bloody long, but what the heck should I do? I am behind the [8]. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. But I guess the one answer that would be most helpful is whether or not our well can get clogged or blocked by the franklin submersible pump and if we would risk that by just taking a wait and see attitude? Or, did the well guy tell me that just to scare me into spending more $? The handyman checked with someone else about the pricing and he wants my ok to call the well guy back to negotiate a better deal for us. [?][?][?] Thanks in advance. BTW I live in central FL, pretty poor water quality but easy to find.