I ran out of water on a cold day after doing several loads of Laundry. I am pretty sure that I notice the water out almost immediately, and turned the pump off at the breaker box. We let the water thaw out, and then the water would build up, I would have extremely hard pressure and then it would just shut off, and we would have no water. So then my husband replaced the pressure swithch and all the wires going to it. And then the water began spitting and supperting. Like we would just have sperts of hard pressure, and then we would have a water stream for about 10-15 enough water to fill the bath tub about 3/8 the way full, and then no water. The longer we left the pump off the more water we would get. The pump has SCH 80 line down to the pump. We pullled the pump yesturday and it did not seem that any of the lines were cracked, however there was not a torch arrester on it and it seemed like all the lines were pretty loose at the joints. It did not take much torch on the pipe wreches to get the joints apart, and some pieces expecially close to the pump could be unscrewed by hand. There was water in the line all the way up to ground level. We are going to check the pump today, and we are going to put the PEX pipping back down in the well instead of the SCH 80. If the pump is still working correctly, any idea what else it may be?? The Pump is only 1 Year Old, professionally installed a year ago. Also the PEX pipe we plan to just put in with Barb fittings with Cinch Lamps, that will be okay right, we didn't need to thread the line.

megan bullett