I have a pump which quit on me. Since i'm an novice at this thing, i'll provide as much info as i can, and if any could help me out, i would really appreciate that.

The water comes into the tank inside the house from a submersible pump. this works fine. Since the area which i'm in has radon in the ground, the water from the tank feeds the radon mitigator tank. There is another pump (the one which quit on me) takes the water from this radon mitigator system (it is a big blue tank on the ground and the water is not pressurized there) and pumps it to another tank (pressurized one) which feeds the water to the house.
could you provide pointers for me to get it done by myself? the contractor is charging me $800 ($500 for the pump, $240 for labor & another $60 for the parts).

Any help from anyone is greatly appreciate. the Motor in question is STA-Rite 1/2 hp motor and is located inside the house next to the radon mitigator tank. It is on top the the pump which stores teh water for the house. I've attached a picture as well