been nursing a low pressure problem about 4 years now. back in 01 every thing but the casing was replaced. jet is at 16 feet foot valve is 20 feet below that on a 2 inch casing. i do not know the brand of pump as it is in a tight location and tags can not be read. i do not loose prime or drop pressure so i do not believe i have a leak. i have no air or cloudy water indicating cavitation. what is happening pump builds pressure to a point and then hovers and will not go any higher. when pump was replaced it was set to 40-60 i have had to back the pressure switch down over the couple years and am now at 48 psi. cut in is now 38 psi tank air pressure is set at 36 psi. i believe the pump is at fault but do not want to spend the money if it is not going to fix the problem. i just want my pressure back. any help is greatly appreciated thanx