Ok. The temperature last night at my cabin, where I have a deep well pump (around 360 ft), was around 16F - 18F.

This morning, the water came to a trickle and then GONE ! The outside temperature was 20F when I woke up to find no water. And then it gradually went up to 25. But I know last night was 16 - 18F.

I checked my water tank pressure meter and there was ZERO (0) pressure. I closed the valve on the tank to shut off any water going to the house. And then I went to the main circuit breaker and CUT OFF the power to the water well, fearing that my pump is frozen and just wanted to save the pump.

I went back to see the pressure meter and the pressure climbed back to 23 - 24. I opened the valve again to let water out, and the pressure meter went back to zero (0). I closed the valve again and it went very very slowly to 10 and 20 and then 23-24 psi.

I wanted to know if my pump got burned. I don't know if I did the correct test. I went back to the circuit breaker to turn on the pump. Then open the valve .. same thing .. pressure went to zero. And then I shut off the valve again and the pressure climbed back up a bit faster to 20 psi than when the power to the pump was cut off.

Is my pump still working? Or is it just frozen?
Is there a way to see if the pump is working, and it's not a problem with a frozen well?

I left my cabin this morning and will probably return when temperatures are back to 45 - 50.

Thanks for any help