Hi all ,I could use any help trying to get my daughter's well water back online properly,I will give as much info as possible.
they purchased an old 1940's duplex in chesapeake virginia that has been converted into a single family dwelling,it had a semi circle drive of crushed stone when they bought it.the stone was worn and spotty so they decided to add a layer of crushed concrete.sounds good so far I know.Well it looked awesome,then later that evening my daughter calls and said they had mud coming from their pipes so i adviced shutting the pump off,her husband went out and dug where we had seen a single line that branched off toward the house,we know this pipe goes into the well as it was dug up once during home inspection for the water test. they(the realtor/owner had covered it back up with dirt and stone,remember this is in the driveway.
well pipe was cracked,mystery solved,son in law fixes pipe we regain prime on craftsman shallow well jet pump and water flows with a little bit of dirt then runs crystal clear. next day no water, pump lost prime,so we reprime it this time cracking open the bleeder valve and letting all air escape before tightening it.but we let it run and run thinking it was filling water heater and bladder tank(i think thats what it is it sits underneath the pump and has a air valve on it) well after 20 minutes or so of still running (yes pump still had water flow in it so it didnt lose prime again) we unplugged the pump for fear of burning it out.opened switch box and seen the contacts so we opened them manually so we experimented by turning on washing machine plugging pump back in once the machine ran filling with water for a few minutes then pump kicks on...like it should.but wont shut off so we unplug it and shut washer off.
now we know the pump isnt losing prime had the lines full of water and it didnt bleed back pressure overnight. but why wont the switch shut off by self? we put a gauge on it reads 30lbs. the switch is a 40/60 switch.so he adjusts the switch cutoff down to 55..then 50 ..then 45..and so on testing it to see when he could get it to sht off on its own. final result has to have cut off at 30 cut on at 28.! what could cause this? what type of well doesnt have anything to protect its lines surounding it, they are 1 1/2 inch pvc and buried in just dirt!what type of well is it and can it be driven over or was that drive not suppose to be there in the first place?how do we get the right cut off/ cut on pressure so it doesnt machine gun when they use water? the pump is a craftsman hydroglass 3/4 horsepower shallow well jet pump sitting ontop of a bladder tank.please please help my kid is 7 months pregnant with a two year old also and doesnt need this right now,i know, would she ever need this? lol we just dont know where to start not knowing what we got to work with or what to try next. Thanks!