I live in a 35 year old house with a well and septic system. I do not know how deep my well is. I do know it is deep enough to reach clean potable water. The only treatment needed is for slight hardness. The one time (pinhole in suction pipe) that the pump lost it's prime in the last twelve years, it took about twenty five minutes to draw the water back up into the pump. Based on water quality from this well it has to be far greater than 25'. The 25' foot wells in this area used for irrigation produce very, very red sidewalks and sides of houses. My problem is it's time to replace my existing pump. It is nothing more than a centrifugal shallow well pump with a single 1-1/4" suction pipe that I feel is at least 90'-100' deep. Based on everything I have read, this is not a proper installation. However, there are several people on my street with the same set up. The current gpm seems to be fine (approx. 12 -15 gpm) but I do not like the residual pressure of 25 psi, static 51 psi. Do you have any suggestions?