I have a Gould 3/4 Submersible pump that draws water from a 3000 gallon cistern. I also have it wired through a Franklin Control Box and a D square presssure swith. This system has served us well for the past 5 years.

Here is what I have encountered. We ran out of water this morning. It has been in the 25 degree range for weeks now. The ground is always frozen this time a year and I only mention this as one of the elements to the problem - Frozen Line? Never had this problem before.

When I went to explore the problem I noticed the breaker switch had flipped off. I reset the breaker but go no response from the pump. There is power going through the control box and down to the pressure switch.

When I removed the cover to the control box to check for power and then reinstalled it an ever so short gurgling came through the line. It did this each of four times I pulled the cover off and back on. It was as if it was trying to get the pump to work.

With what I described which might be the culprit. The pump since the breaker switch blew or the control box? I dont think there is anything wrong with the pressure tank itself.

Your thoughts or question would be appreciated. Thanks Craig in North Idaho