hi everybody.

having been a by-stander for a while viewing the various forums i now find myself needing some specific advice....i freely admit to being somewhat confused as to the seemingly limitless choice of combinations possible so thought i would throw a set of variables in the hope that i might get pointed in the best direction....

we are planning a ''snow-bird'' home in mexico for eventual retirement and therefore more intensive use in years to come [our neighboring state in the usa would be arizona, where we can get quality supplies sent to.

our water situation is as follows

a deep well supplies the sub-division from a huge above ground cisterna.....and from there by gravity to the individual lots

in order to limit water use it is turned on or of for 2 periods each day.....and to give ourselves an adequate reservoir we have now built a large underground water tank [a cisterna of maybe 4000 galls] controlled by it's own ball [float] valve similar to a toilet. this ''tank'' is just below ground level.....we have a 220 volt supply there if needed...or 110v of course.

we want to build a 2 or 3 bedroomed house [perhaps 2000 sq. ft] not much more and have some lawn and many shrubs.....the lot is large, about 2500 sq. yds.

it's in the sonora desert...similar to the extreme heat in the hottest parts of arizona.....[my wife is mexican, otherwise, i might be elsewhere...!!]

i just don't know where to start, it seems most people [and there are not many here yet as it's a new sub-division] chose a submersible pump and a small pressure tank

one guy has planted a small orchard and vines and has an enormous pressure tank and a 3 hp pump

i don't have that need, but i do want adequate pressure not varying when i'm in the shower and a toilet is flushed]....i will want [eventually] lawn irrigation and of course the trees and shrubs serviced with water.

there seems to be no water shortage as such here, just poor [read: simple] distribution......

what would a first choice system be composed of, with perhaps some alternative suggestions .........

presumably, 220 volts, 1 hp pump......1 inch main delivery pipes, reducing as necessary [wherever]......but what about blister tank, pumps [types] sizes, pressure control etc etc......alternatives....??????????

anyone wanting to throw their hat into the ring would be most welcome, i'm pretty adept at most things but find myself sub-merging [pun intended] when it comes to this very new subject for myself.

many thanks in advance, derek