Just found your forum and hope you can help us.
We bought a home in central FL in Feb then left in March. When we used the water in the house the pump would go on and off, never stopping while the water was being used. We were told that it would run better on 220. ( All new breakers and box in house) While we were gone a friend ran a new line to the pump house, and when he turned on the pump he said it wouldn't spin and made a grinding sound and started smoking. He shut it off and it hasn't be on since. now we are back we need water so my question is do we need a new pump? The one there is a 1/2hp Gould convertible pump with a 20 gal tank. We have no way of knowing how deep the well is, ( the former owners are deceased) If we do should we get another 1/2 hp convertible and run it on the new 220 line. We are looking in Lowe's and Home Depot. Remember we will only use this 4 months out of the year. Also is there anything we need to do to the pump when we leave, for the summer.
Thanks in advance for your help.