New to the forum; I tried to search for this, but the search engine doesn't seem to want to coopererate...[V]

I'm trying to figure out just what I'd need to do in order to supply water to my cabin on a lake. The home is about 75 foot above the water line, and the location in the lake I'd place the pump (submersible) is about 30 foot deep. I'd feed water into a pressure tank running about 40 psi.

A local plumbing supply suggested a 3/4 hp pump and indicated it could provide 10 gpm in this situation. To me, this didn't seem quite right, so wanted to get some additional opinions.

I'm also a bit unsure of just how to "install" the pump. The others on the island where the home is have just tossed the pump into the lake on the end of the pipe using a tripod gizmo that keeps the pump head above the silt. I've read that you need to install some sort of cooling pipe around the pump (i.e., a piece of 6" pipe) since it would be used in a horizontal application.

Any help would be appreciated.