I have a drilled well 300 feet deep. Came home from work and had no water, but pump was running. shut the pump off. let the pump sit overnight. turned the pump back on the next morning, which should be plenty of recovery time for my well. When the pump came on, pressure came up to 60psi and shut off. I watched it, seemed OK. Took a shower and turned the water valve off so no water was going to the rest of the house, just from the well to the house. went to work. Came home and pump was running with no water again? shut it off over night again. next morning turned it on. pressure builds up, switch turns pump off then I sat and watched the pressure slowly drop again. So it appears I have a leak. If the leak was in the well pipe or pump (check valve) somewhere, I would think that I would never run out of water like I was. So I'm thinking there is a leak in the pipe from the well to the house. Does this sound logical? Any other possibilities? I can hear "hissing" like water running when I put my ear to the top of the well even when the pump is off until all the pressure bleeds off. I'm thinking it's a pretty substantial leak to cause my pump to cycle on and off every 1 minute or so and to eventually drain my well! How do I find the leak in the pipe without digging up my whole yard?