My Situation:

Total depth: 370'

static level 60' (although i want to plan for worst case scenario and be able to pump from near the bottom of well)

Fill rate: ~6GPM

Elevation change from wellhead to house: ~150 ft

Total run from motor to power supply ~ 1500ft

water requirements at house ~ 10GPM worst case, could stand slightly less on average

working pressure at tank: 60 psi

6" casing

I have been looking at a F&W 3hp 10 gpm pump that should give the necessary flow and pressure, but at 1500 ft the required wire size is enormous. Can I use 4/0 aluminum wire as my feeder from the control box at the house to the wellhead or is aluminum contraindicated in this application?

It has been suggested to me that i might consider a constant pressure pump for this application because i can do essentially the same job with much smaller wire (6 ga copper) (im guessing because of the 3phase power). I have read a few posts on this website suggesting that CP systems werent all they seemed and i would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. My main question i quess is: where is the location of the parts that fail most often: in the well or above ground?

Is it at all possible to do a 350' set with 200 psi poly pipe?

Thank you for your help