We have a drilled well in eastern ky. It is 160ft deep and the pump is 155ft down. WE put in a new 1/2 hp pump about 3 years ago. It lasted 2 years. We then put in a 3/4 hp pump which worked well for about a year. The pump quit working so we decided to pull it out and assumed it had died (it was a used one we got from a family member) but then later tested it and it still works. The one we have in now is a used 1/2 hp. We use it for about 2 weeks and then pull it back up, the problem has been that the heat shrinks we use to seal the electrical connections aren't keeping water from getting in. Just in the last couple of days we were getting water, but not much pressure and then sometimes no water. After an hour or so we get water. the pressure switch was one with an arm.My husband just changed it to one without an arm .That didn't help. now he noticed that there is no water in the tank,but we still have water.we have 30lb of water pressure and 21lb of air pressure. please help if you can.