I bought property that has a well. I cannot get it to run and need to know how to troubleshoot, or if I need a whole new system (pump, tank, electrical).

It was checked this past June at the request of the previous, when no one was living at the property and there was no electical power. They used the well company's pump (with a generator on the truck?). The bill (for $665) says:
Total Well depth: 131'; static water level: 95'
Casing size & Type: 5" plastic w/6-5/8" X .188 steel surfacecasing & standard pitless adapter unit.
Pumped well at 15 gpm for 1/2 hour, no sign of surging
The original pumping equipment was reinstalled into the well.
Original pump was not operated. Condition of pumping equipment unknown.

For this test, the well company charge $665 ($95/hr with travel time)
Their rates are now $110/hr. I called and they said that they had installed a 1/2 hp pump in 1993. They apparently did not change the electrical components - there is a very old fuse box with lever that has 2 30 amp Type T fuses.

I would like to check out the system. There is power now, but turning on the power lever (with new fuses) did nothing. I would like to upgrade the electrical to a circuit breaker, whatever happens to the rest of the system.

My questions:
1. How do I check that there is electricity across the circuit box?
2. How would I size a new pump if it is needed? I do not think I can install a new pump, but I could replace the electrical components, which should be sized to the pump requirements.

I just want to do as much as possible before calling a pump company. I know it's more expensive because I am "way out" in the country and there is a long commute for the well companies to get there. I really can't move in completely until I have water. How would you experts continue? Everything (pump, tank and fuse box) is outside in a 7' pit. I can send digital pictures if that would help.

Thanks so much in advance.