We have an old turbine pump that finally died after 50 years. The motor is still fine. We are trying to figure out if we should replace the broken pump and keep the same motor or go with a submersible. The old pump pumped 350 gallons a minute at 60psi. The well is 50 feet deep. We have a huge pressure tank. We don't need this much water, but I'm somewhat confused about how much water we do need. It's a 5 acre estate with about half of it landscaped and under irrigation and 3 homes. The cost of repairing the turbine or putting in a new submersible from the one company I got a bid from came to about the same cost, nearly 15K for either system. This seems like a lot! They were matching the old capacity. My questions are: Do you recommend turbine or submersible? Do you think we could go with a much smaller pump? Will a smaller pump work with our giant pressure tank? Is the price quoted to me reasonable for matching our old system?
Thanks for the help!