This topic started out as an email, then Casey asked me if we could do it in the Forum, so I copied everything and have posted it below. The rest of the conversation will take place as regular posts.

I pump out of a lake. The pump is about 5ft above the water level,
but it must pump 80ft nearly straight up to my property. I run 4-5
(lg3) per zone. The sprinklers put out approx 2gpm @ 30psi.

I'm replacing an old pump that quit. It was a Berkeley m1030 or
c1xphs with a gould 1hp motor(230v). It seemed to do okay. But I
think 5 sprinklers was pushing its capabilities.

Please help me pick the best and most appropriate pump for the job.

If I go up to a 1.5hp pump how much more will it cost me to operate
vs a 1hp model?

I was leaning towards a Sta-Rite (1.5hp model ds3hf) or a Wayne
WLS150) is one brand better than the other? Am I even comparing
apples to apples?

Casey Smith

If you would like 40 psi and around 12 gpm, I can do that with 1/2hp.
Or if you want to be on the safe side and have some very good pressure and run maybe one or two more sprinklers you could go up to 3/4hp. This is a submersible pump which you would put out in the lake instead of using a pump on land. The subs are just far more efficient and make far more pressure than a centrifugal pump can.

As far as apples to apples, Wayne is junk, and Sta Rite used to be
I'm not so sure now, since Sta Rite and all other brand names are
owned by one of two large conglomerates.

I can also build the sub inside my lake strainer for you if you like.
I have done it for a couple dozen others and they were very happy
with the results.

Okay, I like it.

If I wanted to order the 1/2hp sub with the lake strainer how much
would that cost?

What brand sub were you thinking? Are they the best?

Thanks again,

The 1/2hp sub is a Betta Flo and it's a very good pump, it also has
the Franklin Motor which none of the Brand Names do anymore. They
have a Chinese motor.

The 1/2hp sub is $388.08, the Lake Strainer is $61.93 and to put the
two together is $150.00. Plus shipping.

I should have posted this in your forum. Then others could benefit from this. Do you have a way to convert and then send me the link?

Okay great, more questions though

I've looked at and read in your forums. How'd you attach your setup? Do you have any finished pictures posted anywhere?

Would it be alright if I put the lake strainer on the pump? Do you think that this setup is better? Please see this link

I really like your examples of a lake setup with a bleeder orifice. Then that way I don't have to winterize. Plus it is available in the winter if I want to smooth out the ice for an ice skating rink. But I don't have a pressure tank setup. Do I need one?

Also, according to the same website ( you are required to have backpressure. How do I accomplish that or do I need to?

----excerpt from
Back Pressure - very very important. Submersible pumps, regardless of brand are designed to operate with a minimum back pressure of 30 lbs psi.
----end excerpt ----

Last question
Are submersible pumps continous duty pumps? Can I run my sprinkler system for 8 hours?

You've been a great help

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